To those who do not know me, my name is Lawrence Caldwell and I have been in the customer service/sales industry for half my life now and have been in every position under the sun, from lowly sales assistant, to lead sales trainer, to sales manager, to just about anything else you can imagine that incorporates sales and I find it refreshing to find someone as professional, punctual and personable as Jason. I have trained sales reps to perform at the top of their profession and truly Jason Marascio exemplifies what it takes to be a top performer in all he does. You can teach someone how to sell just about anything but a natural innate spirit is a true God given talent and cannot be taught, which in fact is what Mr. Marascio possesses. I can honestly say with all fervor that Jason and his team at North Texas Property Management have moved EVERY property I have thrown their way, from the easy to sell category to the “what in the hell were you thinking Lawrence” category. North Texas Property Management has made me look intelligent numerous times in my investments and if you know me you know what a task that is. Jason is a great business professional only to be shadowed by his even greater morals and his intense drive to succeed. I have been doing real estate for a very short time but Jason has made my transition quite comfortable. In closing, whether you are going to sell a home, buy a home, lease a home through Jason, or simply call on him for his opinion or advice (which I do often). Rest at ease, you are dealing with an educated, experienced and genuine individual.

Lawrence Caldwell
Your Blessed Investments